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For initial questions: consult the Research Quality Coordinator first uitklapper, klik om te openen

The Research Quality Coordinator of your division is the first point of contact for investigators who have questions about policy, the submission of applications and the execution of medical scientific research at UMC Utrecht: 

Do you still have questions for the TCBio after visiting our website and consulting the Research Quality Coordinator? Then you can ask the employees of the Department of Research Review. They can be contacted in the following ways:

088 75 56 376

They are available Monday to Thursday from 1 to 4 p.m. 

Please state your assigned TCBio protocol number (if known), so we can help you quickly.

It is not always possible to directly answer substantive questions (e.g. about the background of TCBio questions). No TCBio members are available for this during the office hours stated above. In some cases one of the secretaries will contact you later or answer your question via e-mail.

Open office hour uitklapper, klik om te openen

(cancelled for the time being because of COVID-19)

Latest information uitklapper, klik om te openen

For up-to-date information on how to contact the staff of the Research Review Department and on their availability, please consult the news section.

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